Xowla Real Name, Age, Wife, Net Worth, Biography


Xowla Real Name, Age, Wife, Net Worth, Biography, Ep, Songs

Who Is Xowla? His Real Name, Age, Wife, Net Worth, Biography

Xowla Istallion is a household name in the South African entertainment industry, especially in the music niche. While searching and looking out for talented names in the South African music space, for sure, Xowla will be found.

Some of our users and his supporters have been wanting to know more about the South African entertainer, his real name, age, who his wife is, date of birth, how old Xowla is, biography, top songs, Ep & albums and so on.

Therefore, on this page, we have shared a good information we have at hand about the South African, and we hope it answers majority of your questions. Just like the title, “Xowla Real Name, Age, Wife, Net Worth, Biography, Albums, Songs, Ep”, you ca check below to find more details.

Who Is Xowla? Biography

Xowla is a South African musician, who sometimes is known as Xowla Istallion. A singer and song writer who also loves comedy (according to his Facebook profile). Xowla once lived in Malvern East, South Africa. The South African has his name as Xolani Tshabalala and he is currently signed with Inkabi Records, whose chiefs are Big Zulu and Sjava.

Xowla hails from Ladysmith in KwaZulu-Natal, a township located in South Africa.

He began to delve into music in 2008, then he was still in school. According to the rapper, he claimed that he loved music so much that when or where ever he hears any beat, he’s automatically start to sing. He also stated that he began to make music from the same age.

He further reported that he listened to local artists and they motivated him. His first record was in 2012, but the titled was not shared. Xowla has been sharing songs since then till 2018, when Phumelele made it to the airwaves.

Record Label : @inkabirecordsza.

Xowla Real Name

The full and real name of Xowla Istallion is Xolani Tshabalala.

Mostly, Xowla has been simply known as Xowla Istallion but not all know the real name of the South African.

Xowla Age

The date of birth of Xowla has been mostly a guess work. How old is Xowla? He is currently 30 years old as of 2023.

However, his birth month and day is not known for sure.

Xowla Wife / Girlfriend

Some months ago, a twin Singer From Qwabe Twins Duo was reported to had gotten married to a fellow singer. Many did not know for sure, but it was rumored to be a fellow South African singer. It is no surprise that after a few moments, images and videos began to fly and guess what? The husband of the twin is Xowla.

This explains why they seem to appear often on same music together. Virginia and Viggy Qwabe are unquestionably twins who makes up the South African Afro-pop.

Apparently, Xowla had the Qwabe twin as her girlfriend before they finally got married and made her his wife.

Xowla Net Worth

Indeed, there is no fact about the real net worth of Xowla.

Xowla’s net worth will be mainly based on estimation and assumptions. The Inkabi Nation’s newly signed artist artist Xowla built a new house last year 2022 for his gogo after he was signed to Nkabi Records not ore than a year.

It is safe to estimate Xowla’s net worth to about 500,000$

Music Career

Xowla has been having a good music career, in less than half a decade. Though he once revealed that his love and quest for a professional music career began while he was quite a young boy.

Thanks to Big Zulu an Sjava who make up the Inkabi Nation, they have been able to give Xowla a platform to shine on.

He dropped an EP which he named after his late aunt, Phumelele back in 2018. Furthermore, he has a lot of nice singles from on his sleeves.

IVolovolo is one of his best tracks, and it was dropped via his beautiful album named Ichwane Lenyoka. Upon its released, the song clocked 1 Million views on YouTube after a short while and that was a clear sign that the music rose to become one of best songs in Mzansi. The “iVolovolo” song which featured Xowla was dropped on February 11, 2022.

In fact, the music rose to become number one in South Africa in 2022.

IVolovolo was not the only song by the artist to rise to the top charts in South Africa. There were other songs from the Ichwane Lenyoka album that also made it to the top. Some of the songs were Imali Eningi and Ushun Wenkabi.

Other Inkabi Records members like Sjava, Mnqobi Yazo, Touchline, Zulu Boy, Redbutton, Leverage, Riky Rick, Intaba Yase Dubai, and many others added to the project’s success.

Subsequently, the Inkabi Record together shared an album named Inkabi Nation which is a debut album by the South African artists Big Zulu, Xowla, Mduduzi Ncube, Siya Ntuli and Lwah Ndlunkulu, dropped on September 9, 2022 through their main and known record label Nkabi Records.

These trends were before Big Zulu announced the coming of another big artist, Sjava. In 2023, Sjava and Big Zulu revealed they will be dropping a new album together as a record label.


Xowla can be reached or contacted via Facebook and Instagram. You may also reach his team via mobile +27 76 506 8460 or mail him via for bookings.

Appreciation To Women In His Life

In an interview conducted by a web based company, Xowla revealed that the main reason he released the EP in 2018 was to remember his late aunt, in fact he dedicated the project to her and he claimed she had been with him while he was still hustling.

He continued, “She was the only person in my family who believed in me. When others told me to go study, she stood by me and convinced my family to let me try music.

“Although it’s an old EP, it’s still doing well. It’s got over 20 000 streams online”.

Xowla also seems to have a strong love for mothers, it was not specified if his mother was included, but he released a single dedicated to all mothers and he titled the song “uMama Yedwa”. This ultimately means he also appreciates his own mother as he also wanted his mum to know that he loves her.

Some months ago, he dropped a song named Terminator.

After the single was dropped, he immediately hinted the coming of a new project, which he said will come in as an Extended Play, he revealed the project’s name to be Isono Sabobaba, and as promised, he later shared the project.

In the course of the interview, he also confessed that he has always wanted to work with both Big Zulu and Zola 7, as luck would have it, he is currently in same record label with the artists and other great South African singers.

Top Songs & Albums by Xowla

Big Zulu – Ivolovolo ft. Xowla
Mapara A Jazz & Malungelo – Thandolwami ft. Mduduzi Ncube & Xowla
Zandie Khumalo – Ikhwela ft. Xowla
Big Zulu – Voicemail ft. Mduduzi Ncube, Lwah Ndlunkulu, Siya Ntuli & Xowla
Q Twins – Alusafani ft. Big Zulu, Mduduzi Ncube & Xowla
Xowla – Gibela ft. DJ Tira
Big Zulu – Dear My Love ft. K.O, Xowla & Siya Ntuli
Xowla – Buyisa
Costah Dolla – Nguye Lo ft. Big Zulu & Xowla