Mondli Ngcobo’s Baby Mama & Wife Mandy Malebo Bio, Age, Death


Mondli Ngcobo's Baby Mama Mandy Malebo Bio, Age, Death

Mondli Ngcobo’s Baby Mama & Wife Mandy Malebo Bio, Age, Death

Mondli Ngcobo and Mandy Malebo are South African celebrities, they had been together and have a child together. Developing stories (as of 5th January 2024) have it that Mondli Ngcobo’s Baby Mama who had been his ex Wife Mandy Malebo has been confirmed dead.

Asides the news, some other information we will like to share on this page include, Mondli Ngcobo and Mandy Malebo’s real ages, real and full names, biography, cause of Mandy Malebo’s death.

Mondli Ngcobo Biography

The Durban, South African celebrity, Mondli Ngcobo is a known music producer, writer, singer and performer, he currently lives in South Africa.

He was born in a village Gala, Natal in South Africa. His father’s name was Vitus G. Ngcobo while his mother, Sympholosa M. Zondi.

As a good singer, he has released a good number of songs and has assisted Kelly Khumalo in producing one of her top rated albums, ‘The Voice of Africa’.

Mondli Ngcobo is known with one of his hit songs, ‘Koze Kuse’.

The South African’s full name is Mondli Christian Ngcobo and some times, he is referred to as “Bigboy”.

Mondli Ngcobo Age

Mondli Ngcobo was born in the year 1988, as of 2024 he will be 35 years old. However, his birth month and day is not certain as of this moment.

This Durban native is well known for his hit song ‘Koze Kuse’. Mondli helped in the writing and producing of Kelly Khumalo’s latest album ‘The Voice of Africa’.

Mondli Ngcobo Top Songs

Here are some of the top hit songs from the South African singer and music producer; Ngathwala Ngaye, Koze Kuse, Hlala Nami ft. Mondli Ngcobo, Inkanyezi, Thembalami, Angelina, I Have Faith, Makoti, Ubugingqigingqi, Tale Of The Monkeys,

Mondli Ngcobo Wife & Baby Mama

Mandy Malebo was a beautiful and known Instagram celebrity, known for her nice dress-sense and being the ex of the popular artist, Mondli.

Both celebrities have been together till they divorced in late 2021, and their union was blessed with a child.

Sadly, on the night of January 2024, Mandy was reported dead after she was rushed to the hospital after a brief illness.

Mandy Malebo

Who is Mandu Malebo?

She was a South African celebrity, socialite and also can pass as a model. Her full name was Naomi Mandy Malebo and she was born and raised in Bloemfontein, South Africa.

Mandy Malebo became quite popular after she shared her beautiful pictures and model pictures back in 2017, and she grew her Instagram account to more than 200k followers.

The South African celebrity left behind a nice beautiful family, and she had been fond of her sister, Tshwanelo.

Mandu Malebo Age

The female celebrity was born on 7th July 1995, as of the time of her death she was 28 years old,

She would have celebrated her 29th birthday on 7th, July 2024.

Mandu Malebo’s Relationship With Mondli Ngcobo

Mandy and Mondili had been married, but their marriage came to an end sometime in 2021. Since their separation, they have been coming online to share to the followers the wrong doings of each other.

Sometime last year, Mandy Malebo was online ranting about her baby daddy and ex-husband Mondli Ngcobo, claiming that he has not been a supportive father to their son, Khanya. She claimed that since their divorce, Mondili had only paid R1500 as child support.

In July 2022, she shared another post stating that her ex would not have peace as far as he does not make time for their child.

The duo broke apart when Mandy was still pregnant with their son.

Mandy Malebo Death, Cause Of Death

In the early hours of 5th January 2023, news broke out that Mandy has given up the ghost. However, the cause of death has remained unverified, but rumors have it that Mandy Malebo could had consumed a poisonous fluid.

It was reported that on Thursday morning, the 28 year old female socialite was admitted to the hospital and it has been confirmed that the cause of death is fatal case of pancreatic pseudocysts.