Dj Myztro Real Name, Age, Bio, Net Worth, & Dj Maphorisa Brother


Dj Myztro Real Name, Age, Net Worth, Dj Maphorisa Brother

Dj Myztro Real Name, Age, Bio, Net Worth, Myztro & Dj Maphorisa Brother?, Amapiano Songs, Albums, Ai Myztro Mash Wadi Art Ah Ah Amapiano Song

  • Myztro Real Name
  • How Old Is Myztro? Real Age & Date Of Birth
  • Is Myztro Related To Dj Maphorisa
  • Is Dj Mystro Amapiano Artist
  • Myztro Mash Wadi Art Ah Ah Amapiano Song
  • Is Dj Maphorisa & Myztro Brothers
  • Amapiano Songs & Albums by Dj Myztro 

Asides the fact that Myztro is a South African DJ and amapiano artist. There have been speculations that he is also related to Dj Maphorisa, the question becomes are they brothers by blood or are they brothers by just the amapiano music they make. These suspicions may be supported by the fact that Dj Maphorisa has recently shown major interest on the artist, by showing up on his music and vice versa.

Also, Dj Myztro being an amapiano singer has for some months now been doing so great that one may ask if he is actually still an upcoming artist or a major player in the game.

Here, we have information for our reader, some of the information you will find on this page include but not limited to;  Dj Myztro Real Name, How Old Id Myztro, His Real Age, Biography, Net Worth, Are Dj Maphorisa And Myztro Brothers, Dj Myztro Amapiano Songs & Albums, Myztro Mash Wadi Art Ah Ah Song.

Myztro Biography

Who is Dj Myztro whose real name is Tshiamiso Sekowe? Knowing that the amapiano artist is fresh in the South African music industry and comparing his excellent works plus unprecedented popularity, one may be tempted to ask about the identity and sibling of the rapper.

Myztro is a  South African entertainer, who majors in amapiano music. He is a song writer, singer and music producer who has became quite popular after he featured on Focalistic and M.J’s song named Tabela. The song was released last year, 2022 same year he was known.

He was born and raised in Soshanguve South Africa. Just as he is known now, while growing up he he identifies and befriends musicians, which has been a very basic factor in his life.

Myztro is definitely talented, as a producer he loves to explore sounds. Before he became an internet sensation, de dropped an EP titled 031 Nkwari, which was shared under Dj Maphorisa’s New Money Gang music record.

When the project was dropped, it housed other songs like “Rekere,” whose lead artist was Felo Le Tee and Mellow & Sleazy as featured artists.

It was reported that the song’s nice hook was motivated by DJ Hu Nose’ hit track, Voroso ke Voroso which was shard in the 2000s.

Sadly, there are limited information about the artist’s childhood, background, parents, siblings, education, father, mother, son, daughter, wife, girlfriend etc.

Myztro Real Name

The real name of Dj Myztro is Tshiamiso Sekowe. The South African amapiano artist and Dj who hails from Pretoria, South Africa is rather known as Dj Myztro.

Age (How Old Is Myztro)

Myztro’s age has not been ascertained. Judging by his looks, one can argue that Myztro is in his early 30s.

The date of birth of Myztro is not also known. For anyone wondering how old Dj Myztro is, it is safe to assume his age ranges from 32 to 37 years old.

Dj Maphorisa And Dj Myztro Brothers?

Is Myztro And Dj Maphorisa Realated?

The relationship between Maphorisa and Myztro have been so obvious that many are wondering if they are siblings. It is a tough question since Myztro has confirmed that he has been following the pathway of Maphorisa since he was 10, meaning he has known Dj Maphorisa from many years ago.

Also, another point to suspect that they are brothers is the fact that Dj Maphorisa has been with him, featuring on his music and vice versa, also he has worked together with Kabza. Dj Maphorisa seems to be keeping him very close. Is that because they are related or he just wants him to succeed?

Again, if you look closely at their pictures, there are some pointers to show that they may have similar DNA. From the shape of their head, head structure, complexion, body stature, lips, bald head, almost same height etc.

Finally, the nail on the coffin is the fact that they bear the same sur-name, yes that’s right, Phorry and Myztro bear same surname.

The real name of Dj Maphorisa is Themba Sonnyboy Sekowe while the real name of Myztro is Tshiamiso Sekowe. It is likely they are related or immediate siblings.

Dj Myztro Amapiano Music Career

Like many talented musical artists, it has been reported that Myztro began to show interest in music while he was still young, according to him, at the age of 10. Then, he was said to had played the drums and the piano at his home church. His talent, dedication, and inspiration was gotten from a group he loved titled Uhuru. The group was made up of Dj Maphorisa, Xelimpilo and Dj Clap. Perhaps, he has been following up on Phorry from his young age.

In 2014 he officially kicked-off his career as a Dj, and also music production. The South African artist also loves to dance, that he created a dance group called “Versateez”. The group was made up of Thulani Thosago and Goerge Letwalo.

Few years ago, after amapiano music became prominent, he began to move towards the genre, and he has successfully made a name as he started out as a producer, then began to lend his voce on other piano sounds.

Some of the songs he has featured on include; “Emcimbini” where he sang with Aymos, also he worked very closely with Shasha, Kabza De Small and Dj Maphorisa, in fact they produced some songs together.

Reports have it that Myztro is one of the artists who is trying to fuse Barcadi and amapiano, together with Vusi Ma R5 and a few others.

5 Myztro is currently working on fusing amapiano and Barcadi, including wanting to workwith artists like Vusi Ma R5.

In an interview, he once stated that since he came from a township in Pretoria, he is then making sound of Bacardi, and blending it with some amapiano tune”. He further stated that, in order to achieve that, he is bringing in artists like Vusi Ma R5 and Phindi Maphendula since they are hardcore bacardi artists.

Dj Myztro Net Worth

So far, there has been no official report to support the net worth of the amapiano artist.

He has not also revealed his properties, neither does he show off his assets. The net worth of the artist on our web page is purely based on assumptions and estimated conversion of his song success to assets.

Myztro may be said to have an estimated net worth of 500,000$.

Dj Myztro Mash Wadi Art Ah Ah Amapiano Song

One of the most recent amapiano sounds by the artist is his recent offering, Mash Wadi Ah Ai Amapiano single.

Other amapiano songs by the artist include;

Myztro Amapiano Songs & Albums

Focalistic & M.J – Tabela ft. Kabza De Small & Myztro
Focalistic – Tabela Hape ft. Kabza De Small, Myztro, Mellow & Sleazy
Myztro, Shaunmusiq & Ftears – Tobetsa
Myztro – Nkwari 2.0 EP
Myztro – Tobetsa (Remake) Ft. Focalistic, DaliWonga, ShaunMusiq & Ftears
Nia Pearl, Bontle Smith & Nicole Elocin – Chomyam ft. Myztro, Da Muziqal Chef, ShaunMusiQ & Ftears
Focalistic & Kabza De Small – Tabela Hape Ft. Mellow & Sleazy, Myztro & M.J
Myztro & Sir Trill – South 2 West
Mellow & Sleazy & Myztro – Waya Waya (Areyeng Ke Game)
Myztro, Mellow & Sleazy – Areyeng Ke Game Ft. Lady Du, Dr Peppa, Shaunmusiq & Ftears
Myztro, ShaunMusiq & Ftears – Naja
Lady Du – Waya Waya ft. Myztro
Shaunmusiq & Ftears – Bhebha Ft. Myztro
Myztro, Focalistic & Pabi Cooper – Ke rata basadi ft. M.J, Ch’cco, Shaunmusiq & Ftears
Myztro – EVERYDAY iParty Waya Waya Ft. Dr Peppa, Lady Du, ShaunMusiQ, Ftears & Mellow & Sleazy)
Shaunmusiq & Ftears – Bhebha (Quantum Sound) ft. Myztro, Xduppy, Quayr Musiq, Mellow & Sleazy
ShaunMusiq, Ftears & Xduppy – Bhebha Ft. Myztro, Mellow & Sleazy, QuayR Musiq & Matuteboy
Shaunmusiq & Ftears, Focalistic – Basadi ft. M.J, Pabi Cooper, Chcco, Myztro
ShaunMusiq & Ftears & Xduppy & Myztro – Ai Myztro


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  2. Are Dj Maphorisa and Dj Myztro Related? There is no official report to support that they are related. However, It is likely they are related or are immediate siblings.
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