K.O Accused Of Stealing His Latest Hit Track “Sete”


Recently, South African rapper K.O has been accused of plagiarism regarding his hit song, “Sete.”

The allegations began when a Twitter user named Tempy Pusha shared a screenshot of another artist’s song, Reefer, and captioned it with, “SETE sounds exactly the same as this joint.” This caused a stir on social media, with many people divided on the issue.

Some came to defend K.O, claiming that the similarities between the two songs were simply a coincidence. Others, however, accused the rapper of stealing the song from Reefer. Additionally, it was revealed that an artist by the name of Mizo Phyll had initiated the sound that was allegedly sampled by both K.O and Reefer.

One Twitter user, Johnny Malepa, wrote, “If there are no lyrics and flow similarities, the person to blame is the producer. There is an artist called Mizo Phyll who first used this beat before Reeder Tym and KO.”

Despite the accusations, K.O did have some defenders on social media. DJ Jawz, for example, wrote, “A beat can be licensed by numerous artists. I don’t think anyone stole the song. It all depends on the deal you make with the producer whether you’re licensing it exclusively or not. I dig both songs.”

Furthermore, it was also revealed that K.O had credited the owner of the beat, which may suggest that the rapper had obtained permission to use the beat for his song.

Overall, the situation has left many people divided on the issue of plagiarism in the music industry. Some argue that the similarities between the two songs are simply a coincidence, while others believe that K.O deliberately stole the song from Reefer. The truth of the matter may never be fully known, but it is important for all artists to make sure they obtain proper permission and credit when using beats or other elements in their music.