Who Is Nkanyezi From Adulting?


Who Is Nkanyezi From Adulting?

Who Is Nkanyezi From Adulting? How Old Is She? What Is Her Real Name?

Nkanyezi From Adulting is a nice South African beautiful actress, and we have share more details about her on our website FreshlyAfrica, one of the top rated South African entertainment and news blog.

Some of the information about Nkanyezi you may wish to know about are, who she is, her role in Adulting, Nkanyezi From Adulting and Bonga, her age, real name etc.

Nkanyezi From Adulting, Who Is She?

She appeared in South Africa’s TV series, Adulting where she seems to have caught the attention of a fellow entertainer, Bonga.

In the first episode of the new season, Bonga landed an R80-million construction jo from tenderpreneur Sello whose real name is Isaac Gampu, he immediately fell in love with Sello’s sister who bears the name Nkanyezi Haynes in the movie.

Nkanyezi From Adulting Real Name

The real name of Nkanyezi on Adulting movie is Londeka Shishi. She played the character of Sello’s sister who was being pestered by Bonga who claims to love her.

How old is Nkayezi? Our team have not been able to confirm the real age of Nkanyezi on Adulting, but from her images and role, we can estimate that she is about 25 years old.

Nkanyezi On Adulting

On the Episode, Bonga whips off his shirt and calls Nkanyezi through her Instagram account, and she may be in love with him too because she answers it! Their flirting was top notch, which led to both of them cooking in Bonga’s kitchen. Along their love filled story, things began to get serious as Nkanyezi talks about dads and Bonga, whose dad starts the episode by pointing his mom of poisoning Bonga against him.

Nkanyezi revealed that she and Sello’s dad walked out on the family, while their intimacy headed towards the bedroom. Bonga leaves Nkanyezi a voicemail stating he will love a chance to be in a relationship with her.

Unfortunately, Bonga get home, alone, only to received a reply from Nkanyezi telling him that she’s given up on relationships.

He gets shocked and his emotional ice cream hits the floor, then the episode comes to an end.

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