Nozuko From Gqeberha: The Empire, Her Real Name And Facts


Nozuko From Gqeberha The Empire Real Name, Age, Net Worth

Nozuko From Gqeberha: The Empire; Her Real Name, Age, Net Worth, Bio

South Africa is blessed with lots of TV shows and drama series, with many still springing up. We can comforatbly say that South Africa is one of the leading countries in Africa in terms of movie industry.

With movies like Gqeberha: The Empire, our claims may be confirmed as it is rated as one of the best in the African continent.

Also, thanks to characters like Nozuko From Gqeberha: The Empire. She is one of the reasons the movie has the sauce and love it gathers. Some of these entertainers who air on the movie have been putting in their best and making sure the movie becomes one of the best in the country and beyond.

The actress Nozuko From Gqeberha is a South African entertainer, and here we have more information about her like her real name, age, net worth, biography etc.

Nozuko From Gqeberha: The Empire Real Name

In the movie, Gqeberha the character she played was Nozuko which of course is not her real name. The real name of Nozuko is Kamvelihle Kay Bikitsha.

Nozuko From Gqeberha: The Empire Age

Kamvelihle Kay Bikitsha was born in the year 2000. She is a fast-rising South African entertainer who majors in acting. She is popular for her role in Gqeberha: The Empire as Nozuko.

Nozuko On Gqeberha: The Empire & Biography

Kay as se is called began studying  Marketing Management at the University of Johannesburg for a BCom back in 2021.

Her acting gigs did not just start recently, but as a teenager. She first made her television debut in the Mzansi Magic drama series which was titled Umbuso in the recurring role of 2 Sly.

Also, her her first appearance in the character in the series premiere, was premiered on 3 April, 2022.

The prolific actress Kamvelihle “Kay” Bikitsha on Uzalo movie, plays the ambitious yet loving role of third wife Nozuko Mxenge to the wealthy man Luzuko in Gqeberha: The Empire.

On the movie Uzalo, her name was Nozuko Mxenge and she has been an ultimate seductress, who pursued Luzuko in the hope that he would divorce his other wives.

It is claimed that the actress Kamvelihle Bikisha is the youngest star on the movie Gqeberha: The Empire. In an interview, she stated that she prayed for the role of Nozuko. She said; “I was overwhelmed when I finally auditioned for this show. I first auditioned for Nobomi a couple of times and remember getting a call that I will audition for Nozuko”.

The 23-year-old actress shares the stage with some of the finest names in South African movie industry such as The Wife actress “Zikhona Sodlaka” and also “The Queen” actress “Zandile Msutwana”.

Nozuko From Gqeberha The Empire Net Worth

The real net worth of Nozuko is not certain, but from her acting roles, and as a socialite, we may estimate her net worth to range from $100,000 to $200,000.