Nkosazana Daughter Purchases A Brand New Vehicle (Pictures)


Nkosazana Daughter Purchases A Brand New Vehicle (Pictures)

Nkosazana daughter, a young and talented singer, began the new year on a high note by showing off her brand new car on her Instagram account. She captioned the photos “Kick starting the year” and received many congratulations from her fans. Nkosazana daughter has been working hard in the music industry and her efforts are starting to pay off, as she was booked for several gigs during the festive season and had a great time performing.

However, rumors about her pregnancy and the birth of a child with her partner Sir Trill still persist. In December 2022, it was reported by Zimoja that the couple had welcomed a new baby, but they had chosen to keep the news private. It was also said that the singer would be taking a break from gigs during the festive period to spend time with her newborn. However, she was spotted performing at various shows, much to the surprise of reporters.

Despite these rumors, Nkosazana daughter has remained focused on her music and put on a great show. She was consistently seen wearing the same outfit, which consisted of a skin-tight top and trousers, but covered up and did not reveal any skin.

According to an anonymous source, Sir Trill has been struggling as a musician and has been traveling with Nkosazana to gigs in order to make money. The source alleged that he had a fallout with a top producer which led to him being blacklisted and not getting bookings or airplay. It’s not confirmed whether the rumors are true or not, but it’s important to respect the couple’s privacy and let them deal with their personal matters without intrusion.

Regardless of the rumors, Nkosazana daughter is kicking off the new year with a new car and continues to focus on her music career. Fans can look forward to more new music and performances from this talented artist in the future.

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