Big Zulu’s 4th Studio Album ‘Ngises’ Congweni’ Is Out


Big Zulu's 4th Studio Album 'Ngises' Congweni' Is Out

Big Zulu’s 4th Studio Album ‘Ngises’ Congweni’ Is Out

Siyabonga Nene is the biological name of the 37 year old South African house rapper, who is known by his stage name, Big Zulu. After a short while, Big Zulu has finally come through with his album, which he pre-launched some days back and invited some of the top and talented South African artists.

Big Zulu is a talented South African singer, song writer and rapper. His popularity began when he dropped his single, “Donsa Nkabi” almost a decade a go in 2016. A year before he dropped his first hit song, he signed a deal with Universal Music in 2015 and subsequently dropped his debut album, Ushun Wenkabi and Ungqongqoshe Wongqongqoshe respectively.

From 2015 to 2024 has been full of more blessings for the artist, he has released lots of more interesting and award winning songs and projects. In fact just last year, he dropped an album which he called Umbayimbayi, on the project, Big Zulu worked with his record members; Inkabi Zezwe, and brother Sjava.

Apparently, he has not been resting since the release of the project in 2023. Two weeks ago, Big Zulu came through his Instagram to reveal that a new album will be showing up soon, and he further revealed the album official release date which was slated for 27th March 2024.

Then, on the night of 26th March, he shared another update on Instagram here he noted that the full album drops at mid-night, and just as he promised. In the early morning of 27th March, the talented South African house singer released the full version of his much anticipated studio project called Ngisesi Congweni.

The new album named Ngisesi Congweni has its meaning as the peak of a mountain referring to Bergville, the mountainous place where he was born. Bergville, Drakensberg is known to have the highest mountains in South Africa. Clearly, Big Zulu is trying to say that he has reached to the top of his music career, and the top of South African music industry and in turn, he thanks everyone who was instrumental to his growth.

His new album features other great house artists like Makhadzi, Mlindo The Vocalist, Gatsheni, Zakwe, Inkabi Records artists and so on.  Ngisesi Congweni boasts of 14 new songs, and you can find the album on his Spotify and Apple Music.

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