Tlhogi From Skeem Saam Real Name, Bio, Age


Tlhogi From Skeem Saam Real Name, Bio, Age

Tlhogi From Skeem Saam Real Name, Bio, Age

Per the request of our users and reader who have been yearning for us to share more information about Tlhogi From Skeem Saam, we have today shared some news you may need.

Here, we have another South African TV actress, and model, Tlhogi who has been rumored to be featured on Skeem Saam. This page contains more information about Tlhogi, her age, real name, bio etc.

Tlhogi From Skeem Saam Real Name

First of all, everyone is interested to know the full and real name of Tlhogi, also did she feature o Skeem Saam or Scandal?? Many also want to see her pictures, and get more information about her, and we have done our best to that quest.

The real name of Tlhogi is Komie Mohale. The Tlhogi we know for sure is an actress who debuted in Scandal on the 15th of December some many months back as, who played as Mdala’s wife. The popular role about her is where Mdala invites Nhlamulo out for dinner after he made him feel like he was not the one who burned his coding school down. There, Tlhogi did endure the torture of sitting at the table and double dating her man’s enemy and his wife.

Tlhogi Age

Skeem Saam is SABC’s drama series and they featured a handful of people, and starred a lot of good actors and actresses, who are debuting for the first time. So, it may be okay for people to mix up the identity of someone for aother.

The identity of Tlhogi which we know is from Scandal, and so far have not confirmed if she also appeared on Skeem Saam, though she may have an actress who has her shape and height.

Thlogi by her year of graduation from school, she was 25 years old so by estimation, she should be in her late 20s.

Tlhogi Skeem Saam Profile

She is a performing arts graduate and also a trained director. When ever she appears in front of the camera, she looks confident like she’s the one behind it. She initially copped herself a role on a film named Qaphela and went on to debut in another movie, Imfihlo.

Scandal was the first TV soapie role that she gotten for herself, and hopefully, it makes her a household name. Thhlogi whose real name is Komie Mohale has not been confirmed to be on the list of characters of the SABC’s Skeem Saam.