Thabo Bester Biography, Age, Net Worth, Parents Wife, YOtv


Thabo Bester Biography, Age, Net Worth, Parents Wife, YOTV

Thabo Bester Biography, Age, Net Worth, Parents Wife, YOtv

South African media space has not been the same since it was confirmed that Thabo Bester who is mostly known as the Facebook rapist is currently on the loose. Thabo is a popular South African con artist and criminal who escaped prison after he deceived the public with staged death.

Read on to find out more about what you need to know about Thabo Bester, how old he is, real age, real name, prison break, parents, YoTV scam, relationship with Dr Nandi Mogudumana.

Thabo Bester Biography

The South African convicted criminal bears the name Bester, and he is from Gauteng, Johannesburg South Africa. Reports have it that while growing up, he lived with his grandmother who trained and brought him up.

He is said to be born on 5 November 1979, and usually goes by the alias Thomas Motsepe.

Some weeks ago, he was spotted in a shopping mall after he planned his escaped from prison by faking his own death back in 2022.

The convict has been known by his popular name Thabo Bester, but some report says that his real name is Thomas Motsepe.

Thabo Bester Age

Many have been wondering, how old is Thabo Bester. There have been speculations and arguments as to the real age of the Facebook rapist. However, according to reliable sources, he was born in the year, 1979 on November 5th. From this date of birth, it means he is 44 years old as of 2022.

There are other sources that also suggest that he is not up to 44 years old, rather 33 years old and his date of birth stated to be 1988.

We have not been able to confirm any of this as a fact, but be assured that we will update this page when we have more information.

Thabo Bester YoTV Scam, Facebook Rape & Murder

Sadly, the criminal acts of the middle aged man did not start recently, but while still at a younger age. Thabo Bester, when he was 17 years old was allegedly arrested for scamming YoTV.

While an adult, he began to further his notorious acts as the Facebook rapist where he will lure, rape and murder ladies he met on Facebook. Before he was convicted previously, he pleaded guilty to many charges of rape and murder in different trials of 2011 and 2012.

Thabo Bester Parents

Who are the parents of Thabo Bester? Well, the identity of parents of the convicted criminal is not known, but news have it that both his father and mother are educators, and inculcated in him a passion to study from young age. Reports have it that his parents are people of modest means, but tried to supported him while growing up.

As for Thabo Bester’s mother whose name is Maria Mabaso, she stated that she has not seen Bester since he was still an infant, she claimed and we quote; “The first time I saw Thabo after a long time was when he was convicted for the things he was accused of doing.”

Conviction, Faked Death & Re-appearance

In 2011, Thabo Bester was found guilty by a court of law, he was further convicted for raping two young ladies after luring them to a hotel where he lodged using Facebook. Months later, he was sentenced for raping and also murdering his girl-friend named Nomfundo Tyhulu.

Thabo Bester was handed a life term after he was found guilty of his crime, after some years it was reported that he committed suicide by self-immolation in his jail cell, and that was in May 2021.

Last year, May 3, 2022, the department of correctional services reported that Bester had died after there was a fire outbreak in his jail cell at about 03.35am.

Surprisingly, after two months after his alleged death, an exact match of Bester was spotted shopping in Woolworth in Sandton City with a celebrity female Doctor.

Thabo Bester New Girlfriend – Dr Mogudumana Nandipha

Dr Nandipha Mogudumana is the recent girlfriend of Thabo Bester who is confirmed to be an aesthetic Doctor. The celebrity doctor and socialite is commonly known as Dr Nandi.

She was the first female who was spotted with Thabo shopping in a mall. Many believed that she has been dating the Facebook rapist.

Furthermore, after the staging his own death, Dr Nandi was the one who went ahead to claim his body sating that she was his wife, despite the fact that she is married. Everyone were thrown to shock when she was suddenly seen with him shopping last year at Woolworths with the dead man.

After the story of Dr Nandipha and Thabo broke out, the duo have been said to be on the run since then. Drop your thoughts via the comment sections, and stay connected for more.

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