Phil Kgopolo Mphela Bio, Age, Net Worth, Wife, Instagram, Blog


Phil Kgopolo Mphela Bio, Age, Net Worth, Wife, Instagram, Blog

Phil Kgopolo Mphela Bio, Age, Net Worth, Wife, Instagram, Blog

Among the top rated South African entertainment journalists, commentators and TV presenters, we have chosen Phil Kgopolo Mphela as a person of interest to us.

Phil Kgopolo Mphela is one of the many South African known public figures in the entertainment industry in South Africa. Due to his popularity, we have chosen to write about Phil Mphela’s age, net worth, blog, wife, profile etc.

How Old Is Phil Kgopolo Mphela

Phil Kgopolo Mphela Age: By all means, he exudes all physical characteristics of youthfulness and his age should be estimated to be mid to late thirties. So, by our estimation, he be about 35 to 40 years old.

Kgopolo Phil Mphela Biography

The full name and real name of the South African is Kgopolo Phil Mphela. A South African independent TV journalist, Commentator and Presenter. He lives off the country’s entertainment industry, mostly, the TV industry.

Phil is a pop culture professional who works closely with top brands to fully engage with young of South Africa.

The young emcee was born in Brits and raised by his single parent mom and gran in the township of Moruleng, at North West province of South Africa, Phil Mphela has been part of the South African entertainment industry right from 2002.

According to him he said; “When mom died, I knew I wasn’t gonna be able to go to tertiary & gran’s pension money wouldn’t be able to carry us. So I left for JHB“.

His story of how he found himself as a top gun in the South African entertainment industry is an interesting one. After he was done with his matric he journeyed to Johannesburg where he began pursue his career in arts .

At first, his dream was becoming an actor, but his meeting with Sello K. Duiker altered his path and thus the love for writing about the industry was born.

In 2007, he found TVSA, at the level, he has utilized his potential. From there he started his blog.

In 2010, he raised some funds which he used to approach the people who organized  Feather Awards, he suggested to cover the red carpet for his showreel. The video shoot with others like interview with Primrose Crous and Khanyi Mbau pushed him to a new career path as a presenter.t

A year after, OwenKessel approcahed him to be a presenter on their FanCam initiative, covering the behind the scne acts for  SABC 1’s Class Act.

Several months later, he joined one of the most famous online news channel in South Africa called Zoopy, with them he worked as an entertainment presenter. With the channel, he interviewed some global celebrities like Trey Songz, Kim Kardashian, Chris Brown, Idris Elba. He also interviewed some South Africa’s top stars like Connie Ferguson, AKA, Gugu Zuma, DJ Sbu etc.

He is now the brand ambassador for Datsun Go car, also an expert in media consultant and works closely with unique stakeholders in the entertainment and marketing industry.

Phil Kgopolo Mphela Net Worth

The entertainer, Phil Kgopolo Mphela reveals he gets contracts from different companies, which converts to cash.

In 2020 Phil said: “It’s a YES!! I got the contract … no, WE got the contract … every blessing in my life is because of my real followers’ support . I wanted to work with this brand SO bad. This is the right way to end an amazing year. 2021 … you beauty!” 

With his contracts, social blogs etc., we can suggest that Phil Kgopolo Mphela is worth about $500,000.


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