Maskandi Artist Who Passed Away


Aaron Maqhude Mkhize

Aaron Maqhude Mkhize

Maqhude Mkhize And Other Maskandi Artists Who Passed Away

As it is popularly said, one of the most inevitable thing in life is death. However it hits more when it’s one of whom we love or when it is a popular figure.

In recent months, there have been a significant rise in the number of popular celebrities who passed away in the country.

Asides Maskandi as a music genre, Amapiano is another genre that is taking a hit. Some weeks back, we already know about DJ Pencil the amapiano artist who kicked the bucket, asides him also are a list of many others like AKA who is a rapper, Costa Titch an amapiano singer, also passed away just last month, Mampintsha, Ricky Rick and many others. The aforementioned list are just South African artists who have lost their lives within the past 6 to 8 months.

Asides the Amapiano and Hip-hop genre, Maskandi is also a nice South African music genre that have been on the spot ligt, and today, we have decided to share some of the South African Maskandi artists who have passed away.

Aaron Maqhude Mkhize Dies

Maqhude was from KwaMaphumulo in KZN South Africa, and sadly just a week ago he died on Saturday, 8 April.

His death is the most recent in the South African entertainment industry, and his demise has left many Maskandi artists in great shock.

Maqhude was an artist who worked very closely with other maskandi stars and produced several hits songs. He was loved and had many accolades to his name, in fact the artist was the man who made some Maskandi songs that bagged the Ukhozi FM music of the year.

According to his wife, she stated and we report; “He suffered from swollen feet for a week but had no pain until Friday, 7 April when he complained of pain, shortness of breath and inability to speak.

“We rushed him to the hospital, where he later died. Doctors told us that when he was attacked by stroke few years back, his heart and kidney were interrupted” .

Mbalentle Mangumnta

Another recent and sad news was the death of a Maskandi artist on our record, Mbalentle Mangumnta. A female South African entertainer who works closely with a father, Bambelela a popular Maskandi figure.



She was actually murdered, stabbed to death this year in January 2023. Her full name was Mbalentle Mangumnta, she was a South African Maskandi artist who hailed from Goso locality in Mount Ayliff. Her father shared a music which was dedicated to her late 22-year-old daughter, that was sadly murdered in their locality on January 15, 2023.


The passing of the SMaskandi artist has been a shock till date, in fact news outlets describe him as a music talent who passed right before his time.

The cause of death has been quite unclear, but it is known that he has been ill for some time but showed signs of recovery and many thought he would be coming back to keep entertaining his fans, but unfortunately, that did not happen.

He was born in a small village called Nqutu. Mgqumeni released his fifth and final album Magic some years back and sold 78 000 copies just in the first month of it’s release.

The artist has his real name as Khulekani Mseleku but mostly known as Mgqumeni, he died at the age of 27 years old.


Another Maskandi artist who lost his life is Mtshengiseni. The South African Maskandi singer was popularly known as Gcwensa and he sadly died in 2015 at the age of 39.

The artist was born in March 6 1972 in a small village called KwaMajozi in Msinga, situated at north of KwaZulu-Natal South Africa.

He is known to be a very good Maskandi singer in South Africa and in fact, one of the best during his time. Despite being a Maskandi singer, he during his life time won 4 Amantshontsho ka Maskandi Awards, 9 South African Traditional Music Awards, and also copped 2 Maz Ambassador Maskandi Awards.

During his music years of 16 years, Gcwensa dropped 25 albums – most of which was reportedly sold more than 25000 copies.

Mfaz Omnyama

One of the few artists who died, but their works still live on is Mfaz Omnyama. He is a South African Maskandi artist, he is popular for some of his hit tracks like Ngisenbenzile Mama, Khula Tshitshi Lami and Ngiyashisa Bhe.

While he was living, he identified with the local music group called “Izingqungqulu Zomhlaba”. The group was made up of  Phuzekhemisi and Ihashi Elimhlophe, along the line, he decided to go on as a solo singer.

Mfaz’Omnyama was reported to had died of pancreatic cancer while he was just 42 years old in 2001. Like we earlier stated, he has become more known after he passed. He was married to his wife and together they had eight children.