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Ukhamba Album By Inkabi Zezwe (Sjava & Big Zulu) Ready For Pre-Save. Check Out Album Release Date, Artwork, Tracklist, Featured Artists.

  • Inkabi Zezwe – Ukhamba Album
  • Sjava & Big Zulu Makes up Inkabi Zezwe
  • Ukhamba Album Tracklist, Release Date, Cover Art
  • Ukhamba Album By Inkabi Zezwe (Biz Zulu & Sjava) Will Be Available On YouTube Music, Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music & iTunes for Stream & Download

Inkabi Zezwe is a South African music group, primarily made up of Big Zulu and Sjava. The duo are most times mistaken to be brothers or relatives which they have both talked about.

Ukhamba album however is a project which both have decided to work on, and for that they have become brothers in the same music genre.

Big Zulu and Sjava are one of the most talented South African rappers, and they have some common factors together some of which are, making the same kind of music, upholding South African traditional roots and culture in their music. They also are known to use their native language in most of their songs.

Who saw the duo teaming up together to share a new musical work? no one. In fact when they first talked about the coming of Inkabi Zezwe, many thought it will be the next music album by either Big Zulu or Sjava, or at worst both.

We are glad that they have decided to merge, form a force and share new music.

What do we know about Inkabi Zezwe, Sjava, Big Zulu, Ukhamba? Read on!!!

Inkabi Zezwe

Before now, fans and reporters have been left to speculate what Inkabi Zezwe was all about. When the title first showed up on social media earlier this year, we actually believed that the duo was coming through with a project which would be titled Inkabi Zezwe.

In fact what many believed and was reported was that the South African singers Sjava and Big Zulu must have teamed up to share a new music called ‘Inkabi Zezwe’. We all also believed that the project will be dropped on 24 March, off their upcoming album, which was scheduled to crop in May.

But alas, we were wrong. The impression was corrected last two months, when the song Mbayimbayi was released. Towards the time of the release, a Tweep who claimed to be very close to the artists came through vis Twitter to reveal that reporters have been wrong with their speculations.

He in fact revealed that the term Inkabi Zezwe was used because, Sjava and Big Zulu will be merging together. Further more, he revealed that the term MbayiMbayi was the term for a single off their coming project named Ukhamba Album, scheduled to drop on 12th May 2023.

At that point, it was clear, and well understood.

Ukhamba, An Album by Sjava & Big Zulu (Inkabi Zezwe) And Release Date

The album Ukhamba has since it as first revealed been filled with high expectations. When the single Umbayimbayi was dropped off the project, it rose to critical acclaim, taking over existing tunes and over powering other music released in the same time. As we enjoyed the song, we are glad that the album which houses the single is close-by.

Inkabi Zezwe which is a South African music group, primarily made up of Sjava and Big Zulu have revealed through thwir social platform, that the official release date for their anticipated album, ‘Ukhamba’ is out. They further shared an image which is most likely the album’s cover art. On the image, it states that the album is to be released on May 12th and is now ready for pre-add.

Ukhamba Tracklist, Cover Art, Featured Artists

Tracklist- Currently, there has not been any official track list released or revealed as that of the upcoming album. However, we are certain that one of the songs which will make it to the album will include, Mbayimbayi which was dropped few weeks ago. We also expect the music artists to reveal the track list so as to build more anticipations around the project before it officially drops on 12th May.

Featured Artists– Again, Sjava and Big Zulu have not revealed the artists which will be found on the project, but as the album will be shared under Inkabi Records, we do expect some of their big hits to feature of the project. Some of the voices which should be expected on the album include, but not limited to; Xowla, Zola 7, Qwabe Twins, Ricky Rick,  Mnqobi Yazo, Touchline, Intaba Yase Dubai, etc.

Cover Art– Inkabi Zezwe along with the social update which hinted the release date of the album, also added the official artwork for the highly anticipated studio album. The art features Sjava and Big Zulu in a well designed captivating art on the art is the release date. Check out the artwork below.

From the artwork, it is apparent that the album will be available for streaming on YouTube, Deezer, Spotify, and will also be available for streaming and download on Apple music.

The album will be available on digital platforms a week from today, be sure to check back as we will share all official links where you can listen to the album.

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