Sjava & Big Zulu Jointly Release “Mbayimbayi”


Sjava & Big Zulu Jointly Releases "Mbayimbayi"

Big Zulu And Sjava Jointly Release “Mbayimbayi” As Inkabi Zezwe

Sjava & Big Zulu who are South African Afro rappers teamed together to form a music group named Inkabi Zezwe, and they have shared their first song together, Mbayimbayi.

Mbayimbayi from Ukhamba By Sjava & Big Zulu

Big Zulu and Sjva are one of the biggest players right now. As a matter of fact, they have carved their names in the sands of time of the music industry and have gathered enough accolades. At first, when the duo revealed there will be coming of new body of work together, it was an obvious banger even before it was released.

From the upcoming expected project, the duo have shared a single and their first release is called, ‘Umbayimbayi’, a song which was carved out from their upcoming one-time studio album titled Ukhamba.

While speaking to Big Zulu in an interview, Sjava said there was a growing calls from fans for them to work as a team to an extent it became too loud to ignore.

he stated, and we quote; “We knew that a time would come for us to work together and seeing the outcome of the album, we are extremely excited and we can’t wait for people to hear it.

The main body of work, is due to be launched on May 12th and it took the duo two weeks to complete three months ago in January.

Sjava & Big Zulu Upbringing

The two rappers are from Kwazulu Natal’s Bergville, a small village that is located at the end of the Drakensberg mountains in South Africa. Their upbringing is unique, both Big Zulu and Sjava had a childhood that was made up by nuances of a typical rural lifestyle. According to Big Zulu who stated and we quote; “things and experiences that people from the more urban areas would deem as suffering. But those are experiences that made us who we are and made us strong as we are”.

They seem not to be ashamed of their past as they said that part of their life is important and has shaped them to what they are, thus paying homage to that part of their life when necessary.

Mbayimbayi Song

The duo have talked about the meaning behind their new tune. They stated that it is a cannon field gun that is strong enough to pull down a tall building. Despite the thrilling picture they wanted to paint, the duo have managed to ring in romance and love in their own special way. The song is an Afropop filled with Maskandi element. In their unique style, the song is a proclamation of love to their all their fans and well wishers.

Listen to the official song via YouTube below.

Inkabi Zezwe

The two after merging together decided to go by the name Inkabi Zezwe, as known in Mzansi the popular meaning of inkabi is hitmen, but Big Zulu says the titled should be interpreted in three diverse ways.

They stated that when two group cows are hinged together with the aim of tilling the soil, they are referred to as ‘inkabi’. Correctly, the title can be a relationship of brotherhood but we can not forget the fact that it also means hitmen.

Big Zulu further explained, he said and we quote; “In our instance we are brothers and we use our words to kill the bad energy in our society. We want to use our words to heal the world, to tell stories and this album does exactly that”.

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